Make-Up Reflection #1

If you’ve read my reflections, you’ve probably noticed that the numbers don’t exactly make sense. They start at 4, end at 14, 10 is skipped… But the reflections are for a class, so I need 10 of them. So, make up reflections!

One of the things I’ve wondered about for a while is how LGBT+ people are treated and perceived around the world. In America, for example, gay marriage is legalized and gay married couples can adopt. However, these are relatively recent developments, and I still hear about homophobic hate crimes and conversion therapy.

A lesbian couple out of San Francisco had some of the same questions I have, so they traveled the world to make a documentary. After watching their TED Talk, I realized that this dichotomous dynamic is not unusual. In Kenya, for example, homosexual acts can lead to incarceration. However, they just had their first openly gay political candidate run for Senate. LGBT+ people in every country are fighting to make their country a better, safer, more accepting place. Countries such as Argentina, Canada, and Spain show people in extremely homophobic countries what they can work towards. Each country has its own issues to be overcome, but at the end of the day, LGBT+ people are all working towards a common goal- equality.

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